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How to Tie the Perfect Head Wrap Top Knot

Shop   There’s nothing more effortlessly elegant than donning a gorgeous head wrap. Failed twist out? Strapped for time? Not a problem. We created a step-by-step tutorial that will allow even a beginner to tie a head wrap beautifully in minutes: 1. Hold both ends of the head wrap. 2. Tie a knot. 3. Tie two more knots (the result will be a triple knot). (Second knot) (Third knot) 4. Tuck excess fabric into the crevices of the triple knot to ensure the ends of the head wrap aren’t exposed.   5. Adjust the head wrap by exposing your hairline, fanning out material, and exposing the silk lining.   7. Rock your crown, head wrap queen!    

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5 Protective Styles for When You Travel

Between visiting friends and family and exploring new destinations, your summer travel plans are looking picture perfect. But there’s one super important thing that could put a damper on your plans… your hair.   Hairstyles can make or break your travel experiences—they’re the difference between feeling confident and enjoying every moment and feeling self-conscious and spending way too much time trying to make your hair presentable. There’s no need to get caught slipping, so here are five gorgeous styles that will keep you (and your hair) calm, cool and collected during your travels: Style #1: Au Naturale Wig Why it slays: Making lace front wigs look natural isn’t always easy. However, with this simple tutorial, it’ll be hard to believe...

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How to Instantly Spice Up 5 Spring Hairstyles

There’s something about spring that awakens our desire to deep clean our lives and try new things. We hand picked five refreshing styles that will add a pep to your step and some much-needed spice to your favorite spring hairstyles: Style #1: Festive Updo Why we love it: This style gives us all the old school Alicia Keys vibes. And we appreciate the fact that not only is this style quick and cute, but it’s also perfect for those last-minute festival plans and outdoor celebrations.  Video Credit Style #2: Mega Drawstring Ponytail Why we love it: This tutorial makes slaying a ponytail in six different ways look so easy. The best part? It doesn’t matter if you’re craving a style...

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7 Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic Hair Products to Boost Your Hair’s Moisture

April 22, 1970 was the “birth of the modern environmental movement” in the United States. Since then, 193 countries worldwide continue to celebrate this day by participating in events to raise awareness for environmental and climate literacy, as well as sustainable environmental initiatives. Did you know that everything you do, from the car that you drive to the hair products that you use, has potentially harmful effects on the Earth… and your body? We did some research on Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Skin Deep Cosmetics Database  to see just how safe your favorite hair products really are. We were unpleasantly surprised by the scores of many products. EWG’s mission is to “use the power of information to protect human health...

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3 Tips That Will Change Your Wash Days Forever

There’s nothing like having a fresh, clean head of natural hair. The work it takes to wash your hair, however, is another story.  Between the cleansing, deep conditioning, detangling, moisturizing, and sealing, you can easily spend an entire day tending to your curls and coils. We understand the wash day struggle, so we picked three of our best tips for making wash days more bearable and stress-free: 1. Ditch the pre-poo OK, hear us out. We know naturals worldwide swear by pre-poos, but we can’t be the only ones who wonder if pre-poos are truly essential. Our final verdict: They’re not. While a pre-poo has its benefits (e.g. increases manageability, helps hair retain moisture), the truth is that a pre-poo...

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