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3 Signs Your Hair Regimen is Not Working

    At some point in time, we’ve all grappled with frustration over our hair as we’ve stumbled through product after product; trying to find the holy grail of concoctions for our stubborn curls. For those who just joined #teamnatural, embrace the transition period as a series of trial and error. But first and foremost, feel how your hair responds to certain products, regiments, styles and climates. The key to sticking with your natural look is agility, be flexible and willing to change your regimen if it’s not working after a steady grace period of 5-8 weeks. How do you know when to switch it up? Here are 3 signs that your regimen is not working: via GIPHY 1. Little...

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3 Innovative Black-Owned Products You Must Try

This year’s Essence Fest and New Orleans Natural Hair Expo was a resurgence of black renaissance in a new form. Quite a different political landscape from 2016, we felt a new level of unity, responsibility and innovation within the black community. We’re raising the bar in more ways than one across several industries. It’s no longer enough to paint a wide brush over the black consumer; but instead to observe how she leads her life and thoughtfully design products/services around her needs. Black women are the nation’s largest demographic of entrepreneurs in the United States. We were surrounded by countless inventors, entrepreneurs and boss babes! Here’s a look at 3 Innovative Black-Owned Products You Must Try: 1. Myavana How do we...

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7 Perfect Gifts for Summer Brides (for Under $100!)

  Weddings are one of the most joyous occasions couples experience, but the celebration doesn’t end once the wedding’s over.  As far as gifts go, sure you could give the newlyweds a toaster that they’ll appreciate, but what about gifting them useful things for their honeymoon? Here are seven travel essentials that make perfect honeymoon gifts for summer brides: via GIPHY 1. Carry On Champagne Cocktail Kit Why it’s perfect: This cocktail kit is for the bride who wants to keep calm and “carry on” as she jet sets to her honeymoon destination. Nothing says, “Let’s celebrate!” like a classic cocktail. 2. I Do/I Did Tote Why it’s perfect: This cute, double-sided bag allows the new bride to stay ready so she...

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How to Tie the Perfect Head Wrap Top Knot

Shop   There’s nothing more effortlessly elegant than donning a gorgeous head wrap. Failed twist out? Strapped for time? Not a problem. We created a step-by-step tutorial that will allow even a beginner to tie a head wrap beautifully in minutes: 1. Hold both ends of the head wrap. 2. Tie a knot. 3. Tie two more knots (the result will be a triple knot). (Second knot) (Third knot) 4. Tuck excess fabric into the crevices of the triple knot to ensure the ends of the head wrap aren’t exposed.   5. Adjust the head wrap by exposing your hairline, fanning out material, and exposing the silk lining.   7. Rock your crown, head wrap queen!    

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5 Protective Styles for When You Travel

Between visiting friends and family and exploring new destinations, your summer travel plans are looking picture perfect. But there’s one super important thing that could put a damper on your plans… your hair.   Hairstyles can make or break your travel experiences—they’re the difference between feeling confident and enjoying every moment and feeling self-conscious and spending way too much time trying to make your hair presentable. There’s no need to get caught slipping, so here are five gorgeous styles that will keep you (and your hair) calm, cool and collected during your travels: Style #1: Au Naturale Wig Why it slays: Making lace front wigs look natural isn’t always easy. However, with this simple tutorial, it’ll be hard to believe...

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