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2017 Was a Year of Growth

Posted by Ashley Powdar on

Dear reader,

As we approach 2018 we reflect on all the lessons learned this year. We've felt many wins and many losses with you by our side through it all. There were countless early mornings, late nights and overtime hours. Despite broken equipment, shipping delays and logistical setbacks we've doubled business this year thanks to you. You've entered our contests, commented on our posts, attended our events and purchased our products.

In 2016 you asked for the best methods to clean silk and satin. Your delicates were degrading over time so we developed the Product Junkie Stain Remover; we formulated it specifically to your hair products to create a fast acting, yet gentle solution. You asked for specific colors and textures so we released the Velvet collection, which has sold out twice in the last 4 months. In fact, your support has lead us to the likes of the Next Big Thing Movement, HSN, Essence and Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It.

In 2018, we're redesigning our infrastructure so we can bring you more proprietary products at a faster pace. Our goal is to continue adding value to your life with solutions to your hair challenges. Our mission is to bridge the gap between retail and hair care for the textured-hair consumer. And of course, your needs remain our guiding light. We ready to embrace 2018 and reflect on our best moments this year.

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Did we cross paths this year? Drop us a line below and tell us! What were your best moment of 2017? Comment below.


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