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3 Innovative Black-Owned Products You Must Try

This year’s Essence Fest and New Orleans Natural Hair Expo was a resurgence of black renaissance in a new form. Quite a different political landscape from 2016, we felt a new level of unity, responsibility and innovation within the black community. We’re raising the bar in more ways than one across several industries. It’s no longer enough to paint a wide brush over the black consumer; but instead to observe how she leads her life and thoughtfully design products/services around her needs. Black women are the nation’s largest demographic of entrepreneurs in the United States.

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We were surrounded by countless inventors, entrepreneurs and boss babes! Here’s a look at 3 Innovative Black-Owned Products You Must Try:

1. Myavana

How do we really know that the hair products we use penetrate our strands? We can cycle through the regimens of our favorite bloggers and our stylists hoping something sticks. We love Myavana because it takes the guessing game out of our hair care. We spent time with Myavana backstage at Essence Fest and loved it! From our hair horoscope to the unlimited Moscow Mules, we felt truly pampered.

The company was founded by four female engineers from Georgia Tech. Myavana leverages technology and science to deliver a personalized hair service. With Myavana’s Hair Analysis Kit, you receive recommendations on the right products, ingredients and regimens. The hair analysis kit arrives in a neon purple package and includes a comb and 5 plastic bags labeled by hair section. During wash day, I ran the comb through my crown, bottom right, bottom left, top right and top left sections. I then placed the individual strands in the corresponding plastic bags and used the pre-paid envelope to mail in my kit. Myavana runs my strands through its lab and emails the results. It’s that easy!

2. Fairweather Faces

On Friday afternoon we had the pleasure of meeting inventor and celebrity makeup artist Andrea Fairweather at the Beauty and Style Expo. We were blown away by the ingenuity and thoughtful design of Fairweather Faces, a color coded makeup kit for self-guided application just like the professionals. We think this kit is a perfect travel companion, or gift for the teen transitioning into adolescence or your makeup-challenged bestie.

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3. Ruby Sampson Afro Braided Headband

This is one of our fav new products for easy sophistication and seamless transition from day to night. One day when I was visiting my parents in Dallas we were walking through the mall. I saw many braided headbands for women with type 1 hair, but none for the afro texture! I went home, made my own prototype and cannot stop wearing it. It’s a perfect travel accessory. Whether leaving the beach or the pool, hair maintenance just became less daunting! Wash out the chlorine or salt water, apply a liquid leave in conditioner and top off your updo with the braided headband. You’re ready for a night out on the town in less than an hour. Or how about post wash day? After your two strand twist, pop the braided headband on and continue with your errands while your strands dry. Check out this tutorial for style inspiration!

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