3 Ways to Clean Silk

It happened 15 minutes before I had to be out the door on a Saturday night. I scavenged my closet for the finishing touch to a perfect Fall ensemble - my silk-lined head wrap. There it was, unsightly, unforgiving oil stains all over my favorite head wrap! If I could see it, clearly others could. I hadn’t planned on an alternative, so I sat and contemplated as the clock ticked down. Let’s just wear your hair out I thought, but of course that would lengthen wash day. I choose the later: spend an extra 40 minutes on a detangling routine versus the public shame of spot stains.

Have you been there? Chances are we all have. From our conversations with our customers, the top question we receive is how do I clean silk? Is it machine washable or dry clean only? Do I use hot water or cold water? Silk has long been a naturalista’s best friend in achieving healthy hair, yet a delicate material that requires special attention.

We never recommend that our customer machine wash a silk or satin garment. When careless, these materials degrade over time. Not only do they lose their sheen, but more importantly they lose their moisture-wicking capabilities. Silk is the optimal protective styling material because it doesn’t do a very good job of absorbing water. That’s great news for your coily strands since they need all the moisture they can get! One of the most harmful choices you can make for your hair are cotton, denim or wool materials (you got it, they dry out your hair leading to excessive breakage).

Our signature silk-lined hair accessories are crafted from 100% Habotai silk. A lightweight, almost sheer type of silk, it’s a great option for humid climates or the sweat-prone consumer.

Traditionally, there were two options in a spotless silk garment. Today, we’re excited to introduce a third option. Let’s review the 3 ways to clean silk:

  • Dry clean - take to your local dry cleaner, prices vary by geographical region. Lead time usually takes 2-4 business days.
  • Hand wash - run your entire wrap under cold water and apply a common household detergent. Repeat this step as many times until stain disappears.
  • The Product Junkie Stain Remover™ - apply a quarter size to the stain, starting from the outside massage the stain inwards. Only rinse the stain with warm water. Air dry or iron. Typically dries within 30 minutes.

  • After several customer inquiries about caring for our silk-lined products - we caught on to what you really needed. We pooled together our chemistry text books and brain power to create the ultimate silk cleaner. But our work didn't stop there, after 1 year of beta studies and prototypes, our product has muscle. Don't stop at silk, drop it on your satin pillowcase, bonnet, throw pillow or favorite tee! We analyzed common ingredients found in the black hair care industry’s top products. The Product Junkie Stain Remover was formulated to treat your protein stains such as: whipped shea butter, castor oil, mud masks and more! Tough on stains, yet gentle on delicate fabrics such as satin, chiffon, and cashmere.

    female scientist cosmetics

    Hidden benefits include:

    • Clear skin: tackles the silent culprit of skin breakouts, hair oil, by removing residue from satin or silk pillowcases
    • Allergy relief: lifts pollen that has been trapped in hair and bedding
    • Spotless garments: effectively removes unsightly oil stains from tough-to-clean household items such as throw pillows and arm chairs

    See why brand enthusiasts are in love! Until December 1st, you’ll receive a free sample with any purchase. You can also pre-order a half oz size on rubysampson.com today.


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