4 Easy Ways to Get Ready for a Night Out in 30 Minutes

It’s 7:00 PM on a Friday night. You’ve got your wine and popcorn ready for a night of Netflix and Chill. Then it happens. You get a text from your bestie pleading for a girls’ night out. You’d love to go, but wash day isn’t until Sunday and your hair is currently a hot mess. What’s a girl to do?

Spending a night out on the town is supposed to be fun and relaxing, yet sometimes it ends up feeling stressful instead. More often than not, the stress comes from the amount of time we spend on our hair—washing, conditioning, moisturizing, stretching, twisting… does it ever end?

And while we love twists and braids as much as the next woman, these styles take time—sometimes even hours that you could spend catching up with a friend, heading out to a social event, or indulging in a good book.


That’s why it’s super important to live by the number one natural hair rule: adhere to your ABCs (always be cute). Because the less time you spend worrying about your hair, the more time you have to do the things that matter the most to you.


With these chic and quick looks, you’ll never get caught slippin’ or stressin’ on your next night out:

Look #1

Inspiration: Date Night Aphrodite

A different take on the little black dress, try that little white dress topped with rouge accents for a timeless look. 


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Look #2

Inspiration: The Classic Red Rose

A passionate celebration for all the lovers out there-celebrate yourself or your someone special!


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Look #3

Inspiration: The lover and the fighter

Express your unwavering strength, yet gentle nature with rich plum hues. 


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Look #4

Inspiration: Valentine's Day Carnation

You work hard, so why not have a little fun and play hard this Valentine's Day with an electrifying hot pink ensemble. 


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