4 Reasons Sectioning Hair is a Wash Day Must

We’re welcoming 2018 with Hair Tip Tuesdays for the month of January! As many of you know, we’re submerged in a winter cyclone. These below freezing temperatures can be harsh on our curls. We hope you’re tweaking your hair care regimen to bear this cold front. Spending more time on conditioning and steam-centered regimens are a great way to start.

One key habit you can adopt is sectioning during wash day. Section your hair into 4 or 6 quadrants, and individually shampoo and deep condition each section. It sounds like so much work, I know! But hear us out.

The Benefits of Sectioning Your Hair:

You cover every inch. Literally.  A smaller section means you coat each strand abundantly. More importantly, you reach every inch of your scalp to remove pore-clogging product build up.

Reduces Breakage. You can search and destroy those knots much easier when you section your hair. Carefully finger detangle those pesky knots and save the healthy hair with better ease.

  • Gain length. Since I started sectioning my hair on wash day my hair has grown a minimum of 4 inches in one year. When you focus on one section at a time you supercharge your wash day.

  • Retain moisture, longer. Make sure to keep your hair in sections when you deep condition. For extra strength, treat yourself to a steam treatment and make sure your ends are exposed. After all, they are the most vulnerable part of your strand and need a lot of attention.


    Word to the Wise!

    When sectioning, make sure you move your hands down your hair shaft - from root to tip.

    Need some help! Watch how beauty blogger Tia Jonay master the craft. Good luck! Don’t forget, tell us if this works for you. Drop a comment and tell us about your regimen.





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