5 Protective Styles for When You Travel

Between visiting friends and family and exploring new destinations, your summer travel plans are looking picture perfect. But there’s one super important thing that could put a damper on your plans… your hair.


Hairstyles can make or break your travel experiencesthey’re the difference between feeling confident and enjoying every moment and feeling self-conscious and spending way too much time trying to make your hair presentable.

There’s no need to get caught slipping, so here are five gorgeous styles that will keep you (and your hair) calm, cool and collected during your travels:

Style #1: Au Naturale Wig

Why it slays: Making lace front wigs look natural isn’t always easy. However, with this simple tutorial, it’ll be hard to believe that your wig isn’t growing from your scalp. Yes to protective styles that actually look like your own hair!


Style #2: Curlkalon Crochet

Why it slays: Getting a head full of colorful, low-maintenance curls doesn’t get any easier than this. We love an epic style that requires little to no styling in the morning, and this is it. All you have to do is wake up, shake, and go.


Style #3: Head Wrap

kente print silk lined head wrap

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Why it slays: The head wrap is a non-intrusive protective styling option that is great for the plane, train or car ride. Packing 2-3 silk-lined head wraps on your excursion means having a contingency plan should your hair refuse to comply. Not to mention, reduce the stress that comes with combating dryness in new, unfamiliar climates - silk is your moisture retaining friend!

Style #4: Stitch Braids Bun

Why it slays: Because sometimes you want to slay without your hair getting in the way. It doesn’t matter if you’re swimming in the Caribbean Sea or hiking in the Grand Canyon, this style will make you look effortlessly chic and in control at all times.


Style #5: Golden Top Knot

Why it slays: The best styles are the ones that you can whip up at the least minute. You can achieve this style with Marley hair, Kanekalon hair or wefted hair (and let’s be honest, as a naturalista, you probably always have at least one of these on deck). Also, buns can get a bit boring, but the gold hair cuffs add instant glam.

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