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5 Simple & Professional Ways to Rock Headwraps in the Office

Posted by Ashley Powdar on

Throughout the years, African-American women have endured discriminatory hair laws and policies in the workplace. But despite the discrimination, we rise with bigger ‘fros, longer locs, and vibrant… head wraps?

Yes, head wraps. When it comes to wearing head wraps in the workplace, many women are hesitant to do it—and for good reason. For some of us, even deciding to wear our natural hair to the office—especially to job interviews—is a tough decision. We contemplate whether we should wear our tried and true puff or play it safe with a wig.  But it begs us to ask the question… when do we start creating and upholding our own standards for what is acceptable in the workplace?

Historically, women wore head wraps in Africa as ornate symbols of pride, culture, and identity. But did you know there were U.S. laws in the 1700’s that made it mandatory for African-American women to wear their hair “bound in a kerchief”? In the U.S., head wraps were used as symbols of oppression—they were markers of enslavement to make African-American feel less desirable and powerful than their white counterparts.

Times have certainly changed since then. Nowadays, head wraps are a utility product for most textured-hair women. You see plenty of bloggers and celebrities rocking bold head wraps not only for the style, but also for the functionality. You might even wear a head wrap to travel or do some quick errands—because not having the time to do your hair doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look cute, right? With that said, many women still aren’t completely comfortable wearing a head wrap to work because they feel that the look isn’t accepted in corporate America.

The good news is that the widespread uncertainty of head wraps in the workplace ends today. If you’ve been toying with the idea of wearing a head wrap to work, but you’re not sure how to pull it off, we’ve crafted five simple ways to make your head wraps posh, practical, and professional for the workplace. Happy styling!

Look #1

Inspiration: The professional and classy working woman that still wants to be chic and trendy in her environment with this earth toned olive.



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Look #2

Inspiration: The girl boss on the go who wants to add a pop of color to this confident, sleek outfit.


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Look #3

Inspiration: The woman who wants something very versatile and comfortable, yet is not afraid of playing with vibrant red tones.


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Look #4

Inspiration: The glamorous and defying working woman that is not afraid to stand out with her shimmer and pops of gold.


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Look #5

Inspiration: The intern who is always on the go, constantly crossing between work and play in cool winter shades.



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