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7 Perfect Gifts for Summer Brides (for Under $100!)

Posted by Ashley Powdar on

Weddings are one of the most joyous occasions couples experience, but the celebration doesn’t end once the wedding’s over.  As far as gifts go, sure you could give the newlyweds a toaster that they’ll appreciate, but what about gifting them useful things for their honeymoon? Here are seven travel essentials that make perfect honeymoon gifts for summer brides:


1. Carry On Champagne Cocktail Kit

Why it’s perfect: This cocktail kit is for the bride who wants to keep calm and “carry on” as she jet sets to her honeymoon destination. Nothing says, “Let’s celebrate!” like a classic cocktail.

cocktail kit gifts for bride ruby sampson blog

2. I Do/I Did Tote

Why it’s perfect: This cute, double-sided bag allows the new bride to stay ready so she doesn’t have to get ready. It’s the perfect size for carrying wedding day and honeymoon necessities.

i do tote gifts for bride ruby sampson blogi did tote gifts for bride ruby sampson blog

3. Wet Bikini Bag

Why it’s perfect: If the bride has plans of honeymooning on an island or beach, this wet bikini bag is clutch for keeping the rest of her belongings dry. And here’s some icing on the cake—you can personalize the bag with the bride’s name or initials.

wet bikini bag ruby sampson blog

 4. Just Married Sandals

Why they’re perfect: These simple yet chic sandals will add a pep to the bride’s “Just Married” step.

just married sandals gifts for bride ruby sampson blog

5. Two Toned Beige Navy Solid Silk-lined Head Wrap

Why it’s perfect: Because let’s face it, honeymoon is just another word for vacation. These head wraps are for the bride who wants to slay on vacay without worrying about her tresses.silk lined head wrap gifts for bride ruby sampson blog

 6. Travel Set

Why it’s perfect: No bride should have to worry about getting through TSA. This travel set consists of three refillable, silicone tubes that allow brides to “travel beautifully” without the hassle.

travel set gifts for bride ruby sampson blog

7. Vogue Eyewear

 Why it’s perfect: Sun damage ain’t cute (or healthy). But these shades will protect any bride’s eyes from harmful UV rays while she enjoys the scenery of her romantic getaway.

Vogue eyewear gifts for bride ruby sampson blog

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  • Magical read!! I will have to borrow these ideas for the next wedding I’m invited to!

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