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Sundiata's Story

Born to the Buffalo Woman of the polygamous Malinke tribe in 1109 BC, his conception is credited to the blind faith of his father and King of a fragmented nation. Sogolan, the Buffalo Woman was notoriously deformed, but a prophet appeared at the royal court insisting she would bear the future king of Mali and found one of the greatest civilizations to have ever existed. However the King’s great risk wouldn’t immediately bear fruit, as Sundiata was born paralyzed and did not take his first step until his 7th year (the year of completion).

Black History Month Sundiata

But Sundiata was good to those who weren’t good to him; he had a great heart and wise mind. He was a skilled hunter and warrior and won the affections of thousands, including the King. One time the Queen Mother was so jealous of Sundiata’s favor over her son’s that she sent a group of women to bait Sundiata into conflict to justify his execution. But when Sundiata caught the women stealing from his family, he gave them extra food and supplies for their journey. 

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After the King’s death, the Queen Mother chased Sundiata and his family from Mali and her son reigned in terror with an iron fist. When Sundiata turned 18, he returned to a fragmented and starved Mali to reclaim his throne. He was joined by his childhood friends and former enemies to overthrow his tyrant brother and Queen Mother. Sundiata was highly tolerant, celebrating every faith under his rule even though he was Muslim. His tolerance and acceptance calmed the tribal conflicts and ultimately peace spread through the region. He made it safe for the caravans to pass through, boosting trade and access all the way through Europe; ultimately opening passage to the gold fields for his great nephew Mansa Musa to become one of the richest men in history.

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