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How to Instantly Spice Up 5 Spring Hairstyles

There’s something about spring that awakens our desire to deep clean our lives and try new things. We hand picked five refreshing styles that will add a pep to your step and some much-needed spice to your favorite spring hairstyles:

How to Instantly Spice Up 5 Spring Hairstyles

Style #1: Festive Updo

Why we love it: This style gives us all the old school Alicia Keys vibes. And we appreciate the fact that not only is this style quick and cute, but it’s also perfect for those last-minute festival plans and outdoor celebrations.

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Style #2: Mega Drawstring Ponytail

Why we love it: This tutorial makes slaying a ponytail in six different ways look so easy. The best part? It doesn’t matter if you’re craving a style that’s simple and chic or one that’s bold and edgy—this tutorial has you covered!

Style #3: Head Wrap

Why we love it: How well is your hair handling the changing of seasons? Here in Washington DC the weather can't make up it's mind and it's crushing our precious curls! The head wrap is a great protective styling option for the changing of seasons. Especially on those windy days, make sure your ends are tucked away in an updo or nice and cozy inside a silk-lined head wrap.

ruby sampson silk-lined head wraps

Style #4: Jamaican Bounce Crochet Braids

Why we love it: There’s no way we’d guess this fun and flirty style is crochet braids. This tutorial proves that there are endless possibilities for creating versatile crochet styles.

Style #5: Senegalese Mohawk

Why we love it: So here’s a little secret… this style is crochet braids as well (could’ve fooled us!). However, this refreshing spin on Senegalese twists was too good not to share. There’s no doubt this Senegalese mohawk will have you turning heads this spring.

What styles are on your spring wishlist? Tell us in a comment below.

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