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Ruby Sampson® Product Junkie Stain Remover™

October 26th 2017


Washington DC - Ruby Sampson is a hair accessories line for women with textured hair who struggle with dryness and breakage while balancing a busy lifestyle. The emerging brand launches a hair oil stain remover for delicate fabrics, the first-of-its-kind. A key signature of the brand is the silk-lining. The brand’s Founder and Designer Ashley Powdar explains “we constantly received care questions for our silk-lined products. Most people don’t know how to clean silk. We wanted to make it easier so we pulled out our chemistry textbooks and created the formula from scratch in our mom’s kitchen. Our original intent was to treat stains found on delicate fabrics, but we’re delighted by the range of its efficacy on most fabrics.”

The formula is gentle, yet tough on silk and satin as well as chiffon, lace, wool, cotton and more. Key benefits of the stain remover include:

  • Clear skin: tackles the silent culprit of skin breakouts, hair oil, by removing residue from satin or silk pillowcases
  • Allergy relief: lifts pollen that has been trapped in hair and bedding
  • Spotless garments: effectively removes unsightly oil stains from tough-to-clean household items such as throw pillows and arm chairs

The designer expresses “we’re ultimately guided by our customer’s lifestyle needs and silk is a staple in her wardrobe.” The Product Junkie Stain Remover is an extension of the brand’s minimum viable product: the silk-lined head wrap. Additional products include nape-friendly headbands, skinny neck scarves and braided crown headbands. The product is now available for preorder on and will officially launch in December 2017.

About Ruby Sampson

Ruby Sampson is a female-owned, family run business named after the family matriarch. Since the brand’s relaunch in February 2016, Ruby Sampson has participated in Afropunk and New Orleans Natural Hair Expo. The brand retails on Naturally Curly alongside the black hair care industry’s top brands. In addition to being featured in Essence, the designer was named by the Next Big Thing Movement as a 2017 Top Millennial Influencer. The brand is headquartered in Washington DC. Visit for more information.

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