The Baggy Method & Happy Curls


Now that May has arrived, it feels as if one minute we go to bed with a cold draft and the next the room feels like a scorching sauna. For many naturals who've survived the winter, their tresses haven't been as lucky. The winter's anagen phase has resulted in massive amounts of hair loss for all women, regardless of texture. Thankfully, we've closed the door and entered a phase of retention! 

The Baggy Method

The blossom of Spring means new hair growth. We welcome the change of season to mean lighter clothes, longer days and warmer weather. The excitement of new growth can be depleted quickly with the irritating, suffocating loss of moisture.

The obvious answer might be to refresh your hair products and use deep conditioners. Yes, that's a part of the solution that we explored last month on 8 Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic Hair Products to Boost Your Hair's Moisture. But we don't want you to stop there - the moisture retention trick is an old tradition, tried and true: the shower cap.


Shower Cap Travel Kit | Ruby Sampson


Trapped Heat

The shower cap traps your scalps natural heat, allowing the hair shaft to open and the deep conditioning agent to penetrate the follicle. 

According to Byrdie blog and hair expert Pat G Williams, "the goal of the baggy method is to keep your hair moisturized and prevent breakage of delicate ends. If long hair is your ultimate aim, you may want to try this on a regular basis—at least once a week."

Satin bonnet yellow | Ruby Sampson

When's the last time you took Sunday afternoon to sleep well, eat well and deep condition for a few hours?

You might just find less hair on the bathroom floor. Or possibly moisturized hair that lasts longer?

Drop us a line and let us know if it gave your hair an added boost!

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