The Recipe for a Collapsible Stilt Display

Ruby Sampson was the family matriarch of 8 children in the small South American country Guyana. She was a seamstress who passed on her trade to ensuing generations. Today, we are a female-owned, family business.
Inspired by a Guyanese stilt house, we challenged ourselves to build a portable, lightweight crate replica to serve as our display. We honed the rustic textures, subtle foliage and stilt structure to create a display for us, by us.
We started with a blue print and some plywood:
ruby sampson display blue print
Then added dash of vinegar, steel wool and glaze for texture:
ruby sampson blog visual displayruby sampson blog visual display
ruby sampson blog visual display
A (peeling) coat of paint:
ruby sampson blog visual displayruby sampson blog display
Nails and hinges just didn't do the trick. It wasn't transportable and certainly not lightweight. So we added a few yards of rope instead. 
Voila! A fully collapsible, lightweight crate display:
ruby sampson blog collapsible displayruby sampson display collapsible boxruby sampson blog collapsible box
To finish the recipe, just a table spoon of leaves with a hint of signage:
ruby sampson blog display ruby sampson compatibility chartruby sampson guyana map
We unveiled our new display at Afropunk Brooklyn 2017! Not only is it a conversation starter, but a conveniently visual representation of the brand.
ruby sampson display
We'll see you at our next event - ask us about our display!
ruby sampson blog display

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