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Posted by Ashley Powdar on

We’d like to take a minute this Valentine’s Day and thank you wholeheartedly for your support, engagement and loyalty. In fact, we’re dedicating our Valentine’s Day celebration to you - our ultimate muse. We know many of you are also entrepreneurs, mothers, creatives, lawyers and all around boss women. From Denmark to Canada, Kansas City to Kissimmee you’ve shown your love with your orders, likes and comments. For this, will you be our Valentine?

Here are our favorite fan moments this month!

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Media Influencer, Desmone Gambrell
 Santa Catarina Wrap - sold out
New customer Cindy
Shop her look
Singer Queen of Blaquestone
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Actress Dewanda Wise
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Are you a recent customer? Join the ranks and tag us on social media or email us a photo for a feature. Comment below and tell us who you choose as your Valentine and why.


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