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Frustrated with your curls’ chronic dryness, breakage and lack of progress in spite of your time commitment and product selections? Don’t stress, you’ve come to the right place! Chances are you need protective styles and curl-approved materials to preserve your excellent work.


Ruby Sampson is a fashion utility brand with storytelling prints and signature silk lining. We design textiles, apparel and hair accessories for the hair fragility market.


We exist to bridge the grooming gap for textured-hair women and build time equity so that you can devote energy to your skills, aspirations and creative expressions.


Our custom prints allow us to minimize waste and carefully select high grade silk and satin, to the exact quantity. Our brand is equally made in the USA and Guyana, supporting our local economies with fair, ethical wages. 

We are 100% self-financed, black and female-owned. The heartbeat of our brand traces back 3 generations with a shared love of the sewing machine. Follow our brand evolution across 2 continents.


Ruby Sampson is born

Commercial Sewing Machine | Ruby Sampson | Our Story
Ruby Sampson is born in Guyana, South America. A mother of 8, she’s passionate about education and teaches her daughters to sew and tailor clothes.


Everyone Wants Ruby's Clothes

Vintage Caribbean Woman | 1950s dress | Ruby Sampson

Ruby becomes a renowned seamstress in Georgetown, Guyana




Eslyn Takes to the Machine

Eslyn Moore | Ruby Sampson | Our Story
Eslyn, Ruby’s eldest daughter, learns the family trade and she teaches the next generation. She serves as the principal advisor to her niece and Founder, Ashley Powdar.


Eslyn helps Ashley solve a problem

Ashley Powdar Founder | Ruby Sampson | Our Story
Ruby’s granddaughter, Ashley has a grueling transition into natural hair and begins lining her head wraps with silk. After receiving countless requests for purchase she realizes a gap in the retail space. 


The Silk Lined Head Wrap Launches

Red Head Wrap | Blue Head Scarf | Ruby Sampson
Ashley launches Ruby Sampson with the mission to bridge the gap between hair care and fashion for the textured hair consumer.


Ruby Makes the List

african print head wraps | Ruby Sampson | Our Story
Word of mouth helps the brand emerge as a fan favorite with press features in ESSENCE magazine, Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It, and StyleCaster to name a few.


Silk Safe Stain Remover is formulated

Fabric Stain Remover | Ruby Sampson | Our Story
Ashley and her sister Stephanie formulate a silk-friendly stain remover designed to tackle hair product stains, which passes a 3rd party lab test and 90% efficacy rating.


Ruby’s Original Home Becomes Headquarters

Ruby Sampson headquarters
Ashley extends garment manufacturing to Georgetown, Guyana.


Unique, vibrant prints for a unique, vibrant brand 

Satin robe adult woman red
Custom print apparel appears on rubysampson.com and select retail stores.